What happens when you install a replacement window without a nailing flange.

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Recently, we were hired to add two new windows and replace an octagon window for the customer in Cicero, NY.  The first two windows were completed without any issues. When we started to replace the octagon window, we noticed that there was extensive water damage. That nailing flange that allows us properly to seal the window so water will not enter the home was non existent because it was a replacement window. 

To repair the water damage, we removed multiple pieces of siding until we reached the unaffected area. We then cut out the damaged section and installed a new piece of plywood. We sealed the plywood with window flashing tape as an extra precaution. Then, we installed Tyvek over the plywood and taped all the seams. We properly flashed the casing for the window and installed the window. We taped all the sides besides the bottom. We do not tape the bottom because if water were to ever get behind the window it will have a place to escape and not get trapped. To finish the project off,  we reinstalled the siding. 

Whenever we are working on a project we always want to do what is right for the customers. We promptly notify our customers of any concerns, changes, or difficulties we encounter. We let the customer have the final say. We understand this is your home and we are going to treat it like it is ours.

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